Our Story

We're dedicated to health and happiness

Temujin foods were born from personal motivation to solve the dinner dilemma for our family. We were busy parents of three who found it hard to have a home-cooked meal for our family.

Many of you know how these days, between work, school, and extracurricular activities, there is no time left to cook something nutritious and enjoyable. We knew that we couldn't rely forever on take-out or frozen food options with all the preservatives. On dedicated weekends we would make dumplings and share the extras with our friends and neighbors. Soon the whole neighborhood fell in love with them. 

Organic + Nutritious

Our goal is to give families a fresh, organic, and nutritious option for dinner. Make your family dinners easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. The connection to what you eat, how you feel, and your level of happiness is so important to pay attention to.


It was then that we thought that maybe there is a way to help busy communities access more wholesome, healthy, and tasty meals that can be prepared quickly. We could perhaps even bring families and entire communities closer together. 

Secret Authentic Recipes

We believe in being mindful of health by eating healthy and organic meals, but we also believe in living mindfully every day with each other and with ourselves. Explore today our secret family recepies. 

Why Choose us

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Natural ingredients

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