Junior Dumplings

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Introducing Temujin’s Junior Dumplings - a contemporary evolution of authentic Central-Asian dumplings! Our signature recipe has made its way through the Silk Road to Europe and the Middle East, with origins in Northern China.

At Temujin’s Junior, we take pride in using high-quality ingredients in our dumplings. Handmade with care in California, our dumplings are a delicious and wholesome meal option for both kids and adults.

Our dumplings are easy to cook, making them the perfect option for busy parents and school meal programs. The natural ingredients and savory filling are sure to be a hit with even the pickiest eaters.

So why not give Temujin’s Junior Dumplings a try today? With their unique blend of flavors and organic beef filling, they're sure to become a favorite of all ages!

PACKAGE SIZE: ~ 40 pc (1 lbs) BEEF